The Secret to Gifting the Perfect Sex Toy to Your Partner

The Secret to Gifting the Perfect Sex Toy to Your Partner


If your love life needs a little spice-up, then it's time that you surprise your partner with a sex toy. Forget about flowers, chocolates or any other fancy gift items. Instead, introduce your partner to the world of sex toys designed to jazz up your foreplay time, so if you need suggestions on how to gift a sex toy to your partner or which one is better for either gender, then continue reading. Introducing sex toys into a relationship can add a whole new level of excitement and pleasure. However, choosing the right toy and presenting it as a gift can be daunting. When selecting a toy, there are various options to consider. Couple's toys are designed specifically for use by two people and can add a new level of intimacy to a relationship. Some of the best couples' toys include vibrators that can be used during penetrative sex, remote-controlled toys that one partner can control, and toys that stimulate multiple erogenous zones at once. In this blog post, we will familiarise you with the best couple's toys, their uses and most importantly, how to gift one to your partner. 

How to introduce adult toys into your love life? 

If your partner is new to the world of adult couple's toys, then keeping a slow pace is the ideal choice. So, for couples using toys for the first time, before you introduce a new gadget into your bedroom, here are some tips you can follow: 

1. Communication is the key. 

Before purchasing a sex toy as a gift, open and honest conversation with your partner about your desires and boundaries is important. It can help ensure that the toy you choose is something both of you are comfortable with and excited to try. Discuss what you both want to get from the toy and any concerns or questions you may have. 

2. Consider your partner's preferences. 

When choosing a sex toy as a gift, it is essential to consider your partner's preferences. Think about what types of stimulation they enjoy and what toy most appeals to them. 

3. Choose high-quality toys. 

When it comes to sex toys, quality matters, you want to choose a toy made from body-safe materials and built to last. Cheap, low-quality toys can be unsafe and may not provide the same pleasure as higher-quality toys.  

4. Start small. 

If you and your partner are new to using sex toys, starting with something small and simple may be a good idea. A bullet vibrator or a dildo can be great options for beginners. These toys are easy to use and can provide a lot of pleasure without being too intimidating. You can explore more advanced options as you and your partner become more comfortable using toys. 

5. Make it a special occasion. 

Presenting a sex toy as a gift can be a great way to make a special occasion even more memorable. Consider giving the toy as a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day present. Set the mood with candles, music, or other romantic touches to make the experience even more special.  

6. Choose discreet packaging. 

It's essential to be discreet when giving a sex toy as a gift, especially if you're unsure how your partner will react. Many online retailers offer hidden packaging options, so your gift will arrive in a plain, unmarked box. Alternatively, you can wrap the toy in gift wrapping paper or place it in a gift bag to make the presentation more festive. 

7. Don't pressure your partner. 

It's essential to be respectful of your partner's boundaries and comfort level. If they're not interested in using the toy, don't pressure them or make them feel bad. Instead, focus on finding other ways to explore your sexuality together. 

8. Explore together. 

If your partner is open to using the toy, explore it together. Take the time to experiment and figure out what feels good for both of you. Don't be afraid to give feedback and communicate openly about what you like and don't like. Now that we've covered some tips on how to gift a sex toy let's look at some of the best couple’s toys and play toys for women.

Ideal sex toys to gift to your partner  

Adult toys for men and women come in many different shapes and sizes. Some toys are designed to be used internally, while others are designed for external stimulation. When choosing a toy for both genders, it's essential to consider their preferences and comfort levels so that each of them enjoys it equally. So, here's a list of sex toys for women and men available only at Inxtasy, the perfect destination for all your sensual desires and the best toys for women and men. 

1. Satisfyer Men Classic Silver 

Satisfyer Lovely Honey Silver is the ideal travel companion since it has focused power concealed by a vibrating tip and a removable cap. Combine enticing rhythms to generate the perfect vibration, then play every note from soft to a crescendo. 

2. Lovense Diamo 

Lovense's first-ever Bluetooth vibrating cock ring is called Diamo. A smooth ring for comfortable, prolonged usage guarantees firmer, longer-lasting erections and a delayed climax. Residual vibrations heighten both partner’s experiences in the ring, which act as a strong motor to deliver intense pulses directed to the perineum. 

3. Zumio Teal 

With the Zumio Teal Wave Clitoral Stimulator, indulge your sensuous fantasies even more. The compact but potent clitoral vibrator uses elliptical rotation to give targeted stimulation. The exquisite, spoon-shaped tip of the Zumio I spreads stimulating energy throughout and deep into the clitoral area, producing a variety of feelings. Unleash your kinky side with Zumio's SpiroTip, which imitates the movement of a finger to stimulate your different erogenous regions in an isolated, exact manner. Cycle among eight speeds and pressure-sensitive intensity to customise your pleasure. 

4. Lovense Edge 2 Blk 

The Lovense Edge 2 Male Prostate Massager has two motors ideally positioned in each bendable end of the massager, helping you locate your p spot. On the edge of your seat, the Dual Vibrators massage all the right places, allowing you to design your vibrating patterns. After a full charge, the Edge 2 Prostate Massager's battery can last up to 1.7 hours. The Edge2 wearable prostate vibrator is also incredibly quiet and understated. 

5. Romp Hype 

The G-spot orgasm differs for each person and is easier for some than others. Romp Hype makes it simpler to strike the right place thanks to its thoughtful design and adaptable composition. Enjoy the curvature, the smooth, sensual tip, the six vibration levels, and the four patterns, all created with your utmost pleasure in mind. The Romp hype is waterproof, whisper-quiet, and operates for 60 minutes on its highest level. Romp Hype is more than just a fad because it has a rechargeable battery and a two-year warranty. 

6. Satisfyer Mono Flex Mauve 

With its curved, oval shaft, rounded clitoral stimulator, and silicone flex technology, Satisfyer Mono Flex in mauve produces solid and intense vibrations. For the most playing flexibility, you can operate this rabbit vibrator using the Satisfyer Connect App. Need we say more? Your happiness is guaranteed by two independently programmable motors that stimulate the G spot and clitoris using a smooth silicone surface and personalised vibration patterns. So, if you are choosing toys for her, then consider this one as the best women’s toy. 

7. Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty VB 

With its convenient magnet attachment, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator offers sexual stimulation for women on the go. So that you can energise yourself with strong, hushed vibrations and liven up your daily activities, because of its ergonomic design, it flawlessly conforms to the contours of your body, lying right on the clitoris and giving you extreme pleasure. It’s one of the perfect play toys for women. 

8. Romp Jazz 

The quest for happiness is gone! Romp Jazz, a bunny vibrator, will pamper your clitoris and G-spot. You experience intense pleasure from the strong motor, and the many vibration patterns heighten your desire. Long runtime is guaranteed by the rechargeable battery, which is also IPX7 waterproof. Romp Jazz will always be prepared to spice up your upcoming jam session. 

9. Lovense Quake 

The ideal option for a combined clitoral and G-spot orgasm is Lovense Quake! It is proven to cause extremely loud screams and moans. It simultaneously stimulates the clit and the G-spot. The adjustable neck lets you create the ideal fit and ensures intense orgasms. It stays in place, allowing you to explore yourself hands-free and induce deep "whole body" feelings. It enhances your solo play and lets you have passionate couple sex with your spouse even when great distances separate you. 

10. BANG Wireless Remote Egg Pink 

This robust vibrating egg has a deep cleft that gives it a pleasant edge and amplifies the tremendous buzzing of this silky-smooth treat. With the wireless remote control that is supplied, make use of ten powerful vibrating features. This vibe's diminutive size belies its incredible power; it's ideal for a solo session to wind down your day or a couple's session to add exciting buzzing to your private moments together. If you're playing alone tonight, the wireless remote even makes it simple to control the egg while having sex.

Discover with Inxtasy 

Surprise your partner and your love life with a toy that suits all your needs. And if you are wondering where to find one, directly head towards Inxtasy. We will find you the ideal sex toy and make your love life spicier than Carolina Reaper! Don't be afraid! It's just a pun. Now it's time to visit our online store and surprise your partner with our adult toys and accessories range. 

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