Navigating long-distance relationships

Navigating long-distance relationships


A long-distance relationship in the modern world is not a new concept, but let’s face it, they still get hard. Even with the increase in the number of people deciding to get into long distance relationships, every relationship has a unique blueprint, which is why one solution will not fit every problem that couples face in their relationships. So, how do we cruise unknown waters?

Below we have curated a list of things that you should consider if you are about to or are in a long-distance relationship:

  • Long distance relationship isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Are you having trouble finding things to talk about with your long-distance partner? Have you ever experienced the constant pain of longing for your partner and repeatedly having the same-old tired conversation when you talk on the phone?

That's the beauty. It is like the prince charming standing beneath your window; you can share glances and cherish every little moment, but you cannot reach them. 

While a long-distance relationship is hard to decode but worth your time and effort, it can produce confusion and disappointment due to false expectations. However, to have a healthy distance relationship, you must first understand how distance impacts your relationship and the best approach to deal with it.

  • Missing their presence is the new normal.

Wait, do you ever feel that what if you could just walk to them for a hug? Or all you need is cuddles, your favourite flavour of ice cream and a good movie? 

It's OKAY to feel the need for it now and then, but it's not good for your relationship in the long run, and it's a hint that you're not feeling very confident in yourself or the relationship.

True, intimacy relationship is an essential component of a love relationship. A love relationship that lacks physical connection can sometimes make you dislike the distance even more. The absence of physical contact that comes with a long-distance relationship might wear you down a little more each day.

  • 'You talk so much' is actually a thing.

Do you ever just text them and wait for their response at the next moment? 

Though, we believe that a long-distance relationship can bridge the gap in communication as you tend to find ways to stay connected. However, it also tells you that there's never 'enough' sharing. Staying in touch with them through calls and texts at every moment can create an urge to feel the connection all the time that can be difficult to reverse afterwards. But in the long run, the imbalance between the virtual and real world can only make you feel like stuck in a loop. 

  • The great wall of unresolved issues

Oh, don't we all know what fear can make us do? 

There will be days you would overthink and walk through the path of insecurities instead of just talking to your partner about what is bothering you. 

With all of the uncertainty that distance brings into a love connection, it is natural to have many worries and concerns. What matters is how you handle the long-distance relationships questions and deal with your uncertainties. Because it only takes a few unresolved sentiments and questions to turn your happy relationship into a toxic one.

Now, let’s spill some coffee!

How to navigate the relationship?

Oh, let's keep the lack of intimacy a part of your bad days. Because physical distance does not have to be accompanied by sexual distance. Let the creative energy flow while you plan out ways to spice up your sexual relationship from a distance. Time to gain some relationships tips about toys, role plays, fantasies, sexual intimacy and your partner. A dirty mind is definitely the cherry on the cake! *winks* 

A tale of toys. 

They say partners who stay in sync always, last longer. Sure, they are right because you can now even control each other's orgasms from afar. With remote controlled sex toys today, long-distance vibration games aren't a distant dream now. Next time you crave to be in your partner's arms, you don't have to wait till you knock on their doorstep. Your partner can control the toy for you, even from miles away!

Love in Wonderland

Thanks to social media platforms, sending them sensual pictures can fulfil your purpose anytime. But have you ever tried penning down your fantasies and imaginations? It may sound old school, but the pros are breath-taking! To channel your creativity and write your fantasies for your partner can make them weak in their knees.

Pro tip: You can pen down the smallest details yet leave them in the world of mystery. 

Peek-a-boo, I see you. 

Here’s the long-distance relationship tips: A video call is not just to share a candlelight dinner from a distance or flaunt a new outfit. 

Nothing beats physical intimacy but letting each other discover your wild side through video calls can make you want each other more yet help you find your comfort. In fact, talking about what you want to do to each other with eye contact can instantly make you both feel vulnerable and closer. Also, roleplays are never out of trend! 

Speak with your fingers (from a distance)

Imagine sending them a picture so that you can get to tease them first thing in the morning. Sure, that's going to keep you in their mind all day. And then there's the absolute surprise to make them smile all day.

 While we are still talking about sexual tips and giving life to roleplays and fantasies, InXtasy, Perth’s premium destination for adult products and lifestyle, with its sex toys and products, can take you on a wild ride and heighten your sexual experience, at every moment. 


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