Nuru Massage - Unleash the wild side on a massage table

Nuru Massage - Unleash the wild side on a massage table


The senses are the gateway to erotic experiences. Nuru Massage. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Maybe an authentic massage or an exclusive method of using some essential oil for massage? 

Massages usually stand out as therapies that can heal pain and stiffness in the body. Not just do they help you relax and calm your emotions, but it tends to increase your overall health too. One such effective cure is Nuru Massage. While this distinctive practice is great for heightening your senses, it also has various health benefits to improve your well-being and stamina. Started as a Japanese method of erotic massage from Kawasaki, and various techniques and massage gel are utilised to cure various health conditions.  

So, what exactly is Nuru Massage? 

A Nuru massage is an erotic massage in which the masseuse uses their whole body to rub the client, resulting in more bodily contact than in a traditional massage, which is known to be extremely sensual in nature. Originated from the Japanese word called slippery, Nuru massage involves both the parties being covered in the massage gel or nuru massage oil and rubbing on each other. 

What are the benefits of Nuru Massage? 

A Nuru Massage session is believed to be important in terms of improving health conditions and, at the same time, increasing erotic sensitivity.  

Let’s walk through the benefits to know more.  

  • Stress, what’s that? 

Being stimulated by Nuru Massage provides not only pleasure but also relieves stress. Relief of muscle tension stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, lowering discomfort and enhancing flexibility throughout the body.  

  • Improves the immune system better than Vitamin tablets. 

As your body is much more relaxed, it improves your health conditions, strengthening your body to fight sickness. In fact, it helps in better blood circulation by pumping more blood into the body.  

  • Flexibility and perfect posture can be your strength. 

Massage not only stretches muscle tissue in multiple directions, but it can also have a significant impact on the muscular sheath and surrounding tissues, allowing for the discharge of accumulated stress and strain on your body. Plus, it also helps with anything from painful muscles to chronic muscular pain by improving posture and aligning the muscular-skeletal framework. 

  • Brain power, your real power.  

We don’t appreciate the value of intellectual power until we have it.  

Nuru Massage assists in increasing cognitive health as well as providing relief to the body. 

Every small step in your daily routine demands mental strength. And Nuru massage sharpens your memory by maintaining brain health. It improves mental methods by increasing memory capacity.  

  • Get ready for an active lifestyle.  

You can walk into a medical shop and get so many drugs and meds to boost your energy. But at what cost? Side effects you never asked for. With Nuru Massage techniques, you can eliminate all the unwanted exhaustion and stiffness. All of these natural therapies are quite beneficial for increasing muscle strength as well as improving energy and stamina. 

  • Say goodbye to toxins. 

The techniques involved in the process lead to a body free from toxins. To flush out the toxins that have been produced, all you have to do is DRINK WATER, loads of water. 

  • Say hello to healthy skin.  

The pleasure of having moisturised and healthy skin is unparalleled. And that is the result of the Nuru Massage. Because Nuru Massage gel is extremely moisturising. Actually, the gel helps lift the skin, and the antioxidants healthily nourish your skin. 

Now, how can it help you form a better connection with your partner?   

Nuru Massage doesn’t have any gender biases. After all, love is for all, and so are the sensual cravings. In any case, you can enjoy the sensual energy created by a Nuru massage, no matter what your sexual preferences. 

Aside from the health benefits, the sexual benefits also have their charm.  

The thought of the massage can be enticing. Don’t you think so? Sure, it’s a great way to spice up your love life and keep the spark alive with exciting techniques. The massaging techniques and the process of being covered in gel and sliding against your partner can create new sensations, help you uncover your sexual desires, and make you feel more at ease in your own skin. It is not just about walking on the spiritual path and relaxing your mind. It makes you want to let lose your wild side while you say goodbye to all your stress.  

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